Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day—A Romantic Comedy is a funny, light-hearted look at love in the near-future. Imagine Robin Williams’ Bicentennial Man meets Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.In a space station above the planet, Sirius—an old, reclusive, Leonardo da Vinci-type astronomer—is about to commit suicide, as well as end the ‘life’ of Comet, his android. Comet argues that he’s more than a machine. Comet believes that he’s sentient, with emotions and feelings even more mature than his master. Therefore, turning off Comet's circuits would be murder! To prove his sentience, Comet's goal becomes to strengthen the love of four specific couples on planet, and return to the space station, in ten hours, for a final evaluation. Success will prevent his master's suicide, as well as earn Comet his freedom.On planet, as partners realign into mismatched relationships, Comet's plight looks hopeless. Especially when Comet has to deal with characters like Auntie Elizabeth, an eighty-year-old Granny Clampet turned nymphomaniac. Stallion, a handsome, a la Cheers, Sam Malone. Fanny, a street-sharp punk, torn between her desire for fast-paced passion and fatherly commitment. Burgew and Pone, a pair of drunken gravediggers, who weigh in with more wit than an MTV version of Hamlet. A vat of middle-aged testosterone named Will, and his wife, the religiously conservative, yet sultry, Penelope, who are celebrating their twenty-third wedding anniversary.Get ready for a sexual farce, a tender love story, and the hope surrounding second chances and the ability to change. Plus, that secretly-longed-for happy ending!