The Fraud of the Fraud: Have You Been Taken for a Ride?

THE BOOK THAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO READ This Book (The Fraud of the Fraud: Have you been taken for a ride?) will change the way you look at the world for ever. You have heard conspiracy theories about 9/11, The Iraq war, The Freemasons, The 1995 Oklahoma City Bombings, The Shadow Government, and many other theories. This written documentary will teach you the undisputed facts about all these events. This explosive documentary is packed with declassified documents, congressional hearings, public statements, and mainstream news reports to prove as fact, what is normally written off as baseless conspiracy theories. Since this is a new day and time, we need a new approach on how to expose the criminal elite that run this planet. This written documentary offers that approach by exposing the criminal elite with cited credible facts and not just pretty colorful words.