Beat The System: How to Avoid Being Deceived and Over-Charged by Greedy Corporations

Does every financial transaction you make always seem to end up costing you more than you originally anticipated? Are you tired of greedy corporations taking your hard-earned cash by using unfair business practices? If you are too busy or even just too tired to read the small print of every document you sign but hate being duped into buying things you don’t need and paying too much for the goods and services you do then this book is for you. This book is short, to the point and focuses on the industries affecting most people every day. Read on to learn the most common revenue generating tricks corporations use, how to avoid them and where to complain if you do get caught out. Stop being a victim of corporate greed. Become an educated consumer and fight back! Learn how to make smarter financial decisions and keep more of your money for the fun things in life!