Fuse: Igniting the Full Power of the Creative Economy: a 21st Century Primer for Boomers and Millennials in the Workplace

FUSE is a book about combining the 20th century workplace and the 21st century workforce to ignite the full potential of business organizations. An easy guide to a complex topic, it is entertaining, thought-provoking and, most of all, useful in decoding the changing world of work for everyone from college students to C-level executives. FUSE speaks particularly to today’s Boomer bosses and entry-level Millennials, who are often polarized in perception and in practice. In 10 focused chapters, it shows that a Millennial/Boomer mashup – not a gap – but a fusion of their unique and specific perspectives and abilities can lead to innovation, and speed products, services and people into the creative economy of the future. FUSE is a must-read for anyone wanting to attract, motivate and retain employees, and for those who want to contribute the full range of their talents to their business organizations.