Seven Cats Named Spot

Seven Cats Named Spot by Jeanette M. Dodge, Grandma Parky, is the real life story of the Dodge family when they lived on a farm outside Rushville, Illinois, in the 1950s. Black and white photos from the family album chronicle the adventures of the children, Jim, Laura, Mary and baby Cindy with their farm pets and their play. Read how seven cats all came to be named Spot, how a hunting dog who didn’t care to be a hunting dog adopted a pig and teased seven cats, about a milk cow who let the children ride on her back and a gosling who grew up to be a goose turned out to be the family watch dog. While the story was written as an heirloom gift for the Dodge children and grandchildren, so many friends requested copies to read to their grandchildren, teachers to read to their students and bookstores to stock their shelves, the author decided to publish it. This is the first children’s story by the award-winning poet, a retired college English teacher living and writing in South Carolina.