Colleges Behind Closed Doors: What You Need to Know Long Before You Go

What really is going on in the university? Does it matter which college you attend? Do you have a strategy in place to make your decision? Is college right for you? Professor Roberts gives honest and candid answers to these questions. As an executive in the financial services industry and as an assistant professor of economics, he has instructed, managed, hired, replaced and mentored thousands of college graduates. He has interviewed hundreds of students. What he has found in his experience has resulted in this compelling and candid assessment of the higher education industry. The situation in our colleges is critical. Most college students are receiving little return on their money. Professor Roberts urges all students and their parents to consider this huge investment and understand the implications of their decision before jumping in and becoming part of the “college frenzy.” This is a “must-read” for parents, students, and every person who has an interest in higher education.