Time Stood Still

Kerrigan McAdams' life is coming apart at the seams.After battling her estranged mom over her grandmother's estate, her marriage begins to fall apart. It isn't long before her husband, Ryan, is moving out. Now, all Kerrigan has is her lackluster job as a mortgage officer and her assistant's friendship.But those troubles almost pale in comparison to the migraine headaches that she's been battling for years. Seeking to gain some sort of control over her life, she visits Dr. Savoy, a well-known doctor, who offers an experimental treatment that may make her headaches disappear for good. When Kerrigan wakes up from brain surgery, her headaches are indeed gone, and her estranged family and husband are back at her side. Everything would be perfect, but there is one big problem: Most of her memory is gone. Unfortunately, as she begins to recall the past, waves of hurt come back into her life.Join Kerrigan as she faces the feuds and fights from the past and tries to find a better future in Time Stood Still.