Understanding Your DNA and Mind

ALL women's brain universally works or operates the same way, no matter where she was raised. When her brain receives any information or data, first, she immediately filters it through her intuition, then analyzes it for logic, follow by sensing the information or data for practicality through her fives senses - sight, hear, touch, taste and smell. Last she feels the information or data through her emotions based on her knowledge acquired through learning, observation and experience. When she arrives to this conclusion or END-RESULT, she will say, "Oh, I love this...' or "Oh, I hate this..." It's the implementation of this mental process that separate one woman from another which is her master DNA Sequence or formula. Men who supports their spouse's End-Results by taking time to LISTEN as she already knows the answer but just looking for an acknowledgement of their End Results will be dearly respected and loved by them. 
ALL men's brain universally works or operates the same way, no matter where he was raised. When his brains receives any information or data, first with emotions sees the END-RESULTS based on his knowledge acquired through learning, observations and experience. "Oh, I love this..." or Oh, I hate this..." He then senses the END-RESULTS for practicality through his fives senses; taste, smell, touch, see and sight. Following this, he analyzes the END-RESULT for logic and finally through his intuition filters the END-RESULTS for aspiration or inspiration to implement or not to implement the END-RESULT. It's the implementation of this inspiration or aspiration that separate one man from another man which is his master DNA Sequence or Formula. Women who supports their husband's End-Results will be esteemed and loved by them.

DISCOVER YOUR OWN Master DNA Sequence or 2 Blood Types.

  1. Take the "Do You Know Who You Are Survey" [If you have access to "24 DNA-2 Blood Types Kit," you DO NOT need to take the Survey. Just follow explanation of 24 DNA-2 Blood Types Brochure.
  2. Confirm your Survey results with the "Human Mind Periodic Table"
  3. Get your 2 Blood Type results
  4. Confirm your 2 Blood Type results with the Human Mind Periodic Table