Getting Exactly What We Deserve: The Amorphous Essence Theory

Getting Exactly What We Deserve will definitely move you to take a closer look at the true talents that we all possess as spiritual beings. This book is designed to echo, amplify, exercise, and strengthen our spiritual powers which create every one of our spiritual and worldly desires. By echoing the word of our spirit, our word travels and penetrates through any and every obstacle that dares stand in the way of the supernatural force that is our spiritual creation.

The amplified is the intensity and increase of this power, broadcasting throughout the mind, the body, and the universe; which grows using the art of meditation to navigate clearly through any obstacle (negative thoughts and resistance). Constant meditation is the ultimate mental exercise that strengthens our connection to our spirit while also paving a successful path in the material world to manifest our goals. The art of repetition yields focus on the subject we continuously repeat; thus keeping our attention and heart close to our spiritual design, making life in the flesh reveal the gift it's intended to be.

The subject of negative emotions battling our creative force is an important topic and really dictates the importance of our relationship with spiritual guidance.