What Your Doctor Doesn't Know about Fibromyalgia: What You Need to Know That Could Save Your Life

If you've always trusted that most of your doctors are up-to-date, informed, and rarely mistaken about a diagnosis or treatment, this book may change your mind. Fibromyalgia is listed as one of the Top 10 most painful conditions in medicine, but, many doctors still do not "believe" in it, or, if they do, they have a vague notion of a collection of mild symptoms that they attribute to stress, menstrual problems, weight gain, depression or hysteria. None of these conditions have been scientifically linked to fibromyalgia. FMS (a common term for fi bromyalgia) attacks men and women of all ages, even children, and varies in intensity. Because doctors do not like to treat conditions they don't understand, patients are often ignored, denied pain relief, shuttled off to other "experts", or fi lled with powerful prescription drugs that may add new and confusing symptoms. What Your Doctor Doesn't Know about Fibromyalgia will help you take charge of your condition and teach you how to fi nd physicians you can trust so that you can obtain the relief you need.