Pain Banishment, Not Pain Management: Get Your Life Back with Non-Invasive Treatment for RSD/CRPS Peripheral Neuropathy, Migraines, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, ... Chronic Pain - Even When Nothing Else Works

A must-have item for anyone in chronic pain, PAIN BANISHMENT, NOT PAIN MANAGEMENT describes a unique therapy. It is drugless and non-invasive and relieves pain in patients for whom nothing else has worked. PAIN BANISHMENT contains three parts. First is Dr. Donald Rhodes' fascinating journey from his first RSD patient through the development of his unique treatment, to which more than 90% of patients respond. The majority of them eventually become pain free. Next, several patients tell their own stories. If you suffer from chronic pain, you will recognize yourself in their accounts and will be encouraged by their praises of Dr. Rhodes, their Miracle Man. Finally, you will read a technical explanation of the basic causes of chronic pain. This book exists because Dr. Rhodes' patients kept begging him to write a book so others could learn about this fantastic doctor and his treatments.