Discount Hell

These Discount Rats want more than sales To Discount Rats, the world should be free . . . and retail slaves are to blame when it isn't. These crazy customers show up with purses full of coupons and intend to leave with enough swag to impress a thief. They'll negotiate, scream, complain, and threaten - so long as the sale is in sight! These 33 hilarious-and-true stories of penny-pinchers and stingy shoppers are straight from the bloggers of RetailHellUnderground - and boy do they have some history with these misers! From the Meal Voucher Rat who needs an amusement park escort to find the right restaurant to the Credit Rat who gets a black mark in the customer database, these denied bargain hunters will have you in stitches!

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By Wendy (Mesa, AZ) · ★★★☆☆ · October 02, 2014
This compilation is a quick romp through the perils of having a job in the service industry. It specifically focuses on customers navigating sales events. The real-life stories include those having trouble with the sales' rules, scam artists, and just plain bullies. A comforting read for anyone w... ...more