101 Ways to Market Your Online Jewelry Shop: Free and Cheap Ways to Market, Promote, Advertise, and Increase Traffic to Your Online or Etsy Jewelry Shop and Sell Your Jewelry Now

This guide is packed full of ideas and advice for online jewelry shops, including Etsy jewelry shops. It is especially helpful for Etsy jewelry shop owners. All the ideas are either free or cheap, so you're not pouring money into marketing your shop. This straight-forward, no filler or fluff guide will get your marketing motivation going with more ideas for promoting your jewelry shop/Etsy shop than you'll ever need. Just some of the ideas include information on: How to Get Streams of Free Traffic Creative Ways to Package Your Jewelry How to Write Descriptions That Will Make People Want To Buy Your Jewelry That Instant How to Get Professional Photos Without Buying an Expensive Camera Creative Ways to Get Others to Promote Your Jewelry For Free How to Get Your Best Customers to Come Back Again and Again How to Get Magazines and Newspapers to Feature Your Shop and much, much more (there are 101 ideas!) *** Just one or two sales of your jewelry will make up for the cost of this guide! So get started now to get your shop making sales fast!

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By Lee (Dayton, OH) · ★★★★★ · April 08, 2010
Awesome little book with some great and simple ideas for marketing! Leanred a lot of things to do. ...more