Caregiving: How to Start a Small Business of Providing Personalized In-Home Care Service

Are you looking for a "part-time" business or an alternative to what you already have besides your current jobs? Stop looking and start working! To those who are very motivated to embark in a new business or career but is discouraged by limited available funds for start-up capital, or perhaps lack the experience in operating a small business, this book is for you. The DOT.COM era is almost DOT.GONE. Enter the new business of the 21st century by providing personalized care to the aging and the ailing population. Actually, this business is anything but new. It has been around for so many decades now. Caregiving has hundreds of success stories and gross billions of dollars in revenues for the nation. It once was an unpopular business in the early 1960's and late 1970's but made a great come back in the mid 1990's to early 2000's to meet the needs of more than 87 million Americans that belong to the baby boomer population in desperate need of this service. With these recent developments, things gradually changed and it appears to be for the better. With these growing trends in aging, health care, and technology, people are taking advantage of these changes by gradually trading-in their lucrative careers and professions to enter into a more personalized care type of business, such as health care and other caregiving related careers.