Drunk Driving And Why The Carnage Continues

"This is the incredible true story of two California Highway Patrol Sergeants who refused to stop arresting drunk drivers knowing they would be fired if they didn't. Having received numerous commendations for arresting more DUIs than anyone else in history (on one occasion, 19 in 48 hours). They were pressured by their superiors to stop the arrests or be more selective in who they were arresting.

A statewide battle rages when one Sergeant is fired and the other Sergeant is suspended. The Sergeants discover they are in the fight of their life just because they wanted to do what they were trained to do---make the highways safer. This being a true account of what occurred, it is necessary that the author reveal both the good with the bad and, as a result, you will be shocked to find out what goes on behind the scenes.

On the positive side, you will find the officers' experiences throughout the book both humorous and thought-inspiring."