Eros: Faces of Love

The word, Eros, names not only a Greek god of love, but also an asteroid! What does an ecstatic filled epiphany of empathic compassionate fulfillment have to do with a hard and lifeless, rocky chunk of matter? Eros: Faces of Love fearlessly enters the spiral labyrinth of this paradox. With penetratingly tender reflection and bold confessional scrutiny, the author ponders whether love is the arrival of a “longed for gift” or the disaster of “an unexpected meteor”. As sensual descriptions reveal the ecstatic delight of “islands of paradise”, passionate metaphors uncover rocky “hidden coves of scorn”. Can unsettled dreams temper the hectic race to make space ‘to love’? Can fond remembrances call one home to rest and simply let space open ‘for love’? Eros: Faces of Love opens the space of the heart for both the lover and the beloved to find out.