The Osiris Connection: World Wide Jihad

Fatima died as the last stone hurled by her father struck her half buried body. Her final moments were further saddened over not living to again see and love her newly born twin sons. Sons who were separated, after her death, never knowing the other sibiling existed. One, of the twins, Mahmoud, was raised in London by a wealthy Muslim family. The other, Matafi, was reared in the streets of Cairo. As an adult, Matafi joined a terrorist organization led by an unseen entity, Osiris, whose purpose was to forcefully convert mankind to their radical version of Islam. An Iraq, army lieutenant, Rizgar al Bashar, witnessed atrocities committed under Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime. Disallusioned, he defected by entering the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy. At the RMA he befriended a fellow officer, Chaz and RMA training officer, Colonel Bryan Archibald. The Colonel convinced Rizgar, to join MI6 as a double agent and fight the terrorist’s, who had obtained fissile material from a Russian nuclear submarine they had captured. The terrorist’s plan was to inflict major damage to key metropolitan cities, by simultaneously detonating secreted atomic weapons across countries from Russia to the United States. The terrorist’s believed this genocidal action would generate fear and terror among the non-Muslim populations, that would lead to the demise of the western powers and the rise of an all encompassing Islamic state. The unexpected ending presents an impelling sequence of events that culminate in a dramatic twist for the reader.