Look and Find: Puss in Boots

Look and Find: Puss in Boots features eight vividly illustrated scenes that each contains six hidden characters and objects for children to find. The scenes, adapted from the 2011 DreamWorks movie Puss in Boots, follow Puss, Kitty Soft Paws, and Humpty Dumpty on their action-packed adventures. The book is recommended for children ages 3 years and older.

Children search the scenes for items such as food, townspeople, and household goods. Here is a closer look at the eight scenes in Look and Find: Puss in Boots:
Look for different kinds of beans in the orphanage where Puss in Boots and Humpty Dumpty lived.
Find various citizens, including Little Boy Blue, in the busy San Ricardo square.
Help Puss in Boots and the Masked Stranger find items in Jack and Jill s hotel room.
Look for a lava lamp and other stuff in the Cat Cantina, where Puss and the Masked Stranger are dancing.
Puss and Kitty Soft Paws need help finding items in Jack and Jill s wagon.
Find plants and flowers in Cloud World, where Puss, Humpty, and Kitty are searching for the Golden Goose.
Search for more citizens in the San Ricardo square.
Humpty Dumpty s car crashes on the bridge. Find objects that were tossed about in the wreck.

The final section of the book challenges children to revisit the eight scenes and find dozens of additional items. The 10x12-inch pages allow for expansive scenes that are rich in detail.