Can You See What I See

This is what I see exaggerated. That is why this is fiction! With me a new twist of the conscious. We think but never speak about the sensitive side. Place in metaphors and statements, presenting reality and a bonus of fiction. Welcome to my sighting, vision, and exaggeration of what could be true. Become my eyes, as you focus on the words. Now can you see what I see? Twisting scenes, transferring thoughts to an emotion, touching the unseen, holding hands with fear, realizing it's truth to an open opinion. This is why I felt compelled to tell the story. A plan from deep within set a sail for my new adventures of what I see, and what I think I see, and to learn the difference. Taught speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil, so I wrote it instead. These rules were never clarified outside the main ingredients. So telling the story this way makes it easier for my conscience, releasing a poison that was slowly trying to kill a humble soul. Sins and unwanted memories can be at peace, through the conclusion of a fictional story. Or is it? My gift of a fictional horror with an inspirational meaning. Read my exaggeration, and form your opinion of a book called "Can You See What I See?" I'm not a big fan of gambling, but I bet a pocket full of coins that this book is different, heads or tails. P.S. Remember three is a charm. Two more will follow.

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By jusTemple (Snellville, GA) · ★★★★★ · September 11, 2010
Tell the story!!! If you ever had or have a story to tell, I recommend you tell it, by any means if be by vocals, sign language or putting it on paper...Guess what, that's what I did, this book is an fictional suspense with an inspiring ending. Read My lies, that is the truth, which makes this an... ...more