Bell's Palsy Natural Treatments and Cures

With the sudden onset of Bell's Palsy, suddenly the muscles on one or both sides of your face are paralyzed. Your speaking becomes slurred, eating and smiling become difficult, your eyelids droop and have trouble blinking, and often there is severe pain. Your doctor will typically prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication, but many people seek further options, especially since no one knows for certain the real cause behind the paralysis. While inflammation and swelling of the facial nerve is the most logical cause of Bell's Palsy, knowing that the condition may last for weeks and that there might only be a partial recovery, educated patients often seek natural treatments that might help speed a full and complete recovery. Since it's not uncommon for Bell's Palsy symptoms to reoccur, this also suggests an alternative medicine approach to try to find and correct the condition's possible underlying causes. Knowing this, many people choose to take an adjunctive approach and assist their body in its healing through complementary, alternative therapies. This is where natural treatments come in. Many people have hastened their healing from Bell's Palsy with the alternative medical approach, and testimonials for certain supplements and healing modalities continue to pour in. Included in this small book are tips for managing Bell's Palsy, how to care for affected eyes, pain remedies, and the most potent natural treatments most commonly used to beat Bell's Palsy and help you return to a normal life, including the methylcobalamin form of vitamin B12 (methyl B12), B12 injections, acetyl-L-carnitine, histamine, MSM, ATP, homeopathy, acupuncture and more. If you are looking for information on how to deal with Bell's Palsy safely and alternative natural treatments you can apply at home to help recover, this is the book you.