The Airsoft Question and Answer Book

The Airsoft Question and Answer Book is intended for anyone who wants some basic information about airsoft and airsoft game playing. Simply put, airsoft is a shooting sport that makes use of guns that fire 6mm plastic BBs and are replicas of real pistols and rifles. Airsoft guns can be powered by a spring, by gas, or by batteries and shoot BBs at speeds from 100 fps (feet per second) up to 500 fps or more. Why are airsoft guns becoming so popular? Some people collect them because they're almost exact replicas of real firearms while others buy them because airsoft guns provide a safe, inexpensive way to practice shooting skills at home with a weapon that's virtually identical to an actual firearm. However, more and more people of all ages are buying airsoft guns and equipment in order to take part in airsoft game playing. Airsoft games are generally military simulations played by two or more teams and take place either indoors (referred to as CQB or Close Quarter Battle games) or outdoors (referred to as "woodland" games). Who exactly plays airsoft games and why do they do it? Many law enforcement agencies and military units carry out airsoft exercises as an economical and effective training option, but the vast majority of games are played by people like you and me. If you go to a typical airsoft match you're liable to see players ranging in age from 14 or 15 to 50 or older, both men and women. Accountants, sales people, students, construction workers, soldiers and ex-soldiers -- players come from all walks of life. They play because of the camaraderie, the chance to practice military skills, the opportunity to get some exercise and have fun at the same time, and for the challenge of working out tactics to defeat their opponents. So, whether you're interested in collecting airsoft guns, using them to sharpen your shooting skills or thinking about joining a team, here's a chance to learn some of the basics of airsoft.