Practical Airsoft AEG Upgrade & Maintenance: 2011 Edition

2011 edition - Before upgrading an AEG, it is suggested that you first define your upgrade objective(s). What do you want to achieve? High FPS? High ROF? High accuracy? And how high is high by the way? The 2010 MAJOR UPDATE book is organized based on the primary upgrade objectives of high FPS, high ROF and high accuracy. In addition, a section on troubleshooting is included. We tell you what to do and what to avoid so you can achieve the best possible performance without spending all your savings. And we do not simply assume you have a particular model from a particular manufacturer. The extensiveness of the brands and mechanisms covered allows you to apply your know-hows towards almost all AEGs in the market. An easy-to-read Q&A format backed up with annotated photographs and diagrams whenever necessary would make this a valuable read. LATEST REVISION ALSO COVERS THE LATEST EBB (Electric Blowback) TECHNOLOGY.