The Feminine Universe: An Exposition of the Ancient Wisdom from the Primordial Feminine Perspective

The Feminine Universe is the first complete and concise exposition of the Traditionalist or Perennialist philosophy. It is also the first book to present that philosophy in the light of the world's primordial feminine traditions, which predate patriarchy by milennia. It is also the first book to subject the post-modernist developments of late 20th century thought to a thorough Perennialist critique. The breadth of this book's scope is astounding. From ancient patriarchy to the way we see the universe today; from a critique of the 17th-century enlightenment (which governs all modern thought) to the philosophy of Art Deco; from an explanation of how popular Darwinism plays the same role in modern society that creation myths played in older societies to an examination of how Islam and China are likely to develop as the Western Empire declines. This is a book full of surprises and yet each surprise follows logically and inexorably from the same perspective: the perspective that existed before patriarchy was ever thought of, and will exist when it is long forgotten.

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By Annasophia (Germany) · ★★★★★ · March 08, 2011
So many people in todays world agree, that something is dreadfully wrong with our modern way of thinking and living and our society as a whole. Millions of books flood the market, whose authors claim to have found what is wrong and what should be done differently. Millions of people, many of them... ...more
By Robina · ★★★★★ · March 30, 2011
A breathtaking sweep through philosophy and history, presenting the ultimate explanation for the way things are. I was especially struck with the use of the three Gunas of Hindu tradition to explain the different ways it is possible to interpret the world and act accordingly. It is a bonus for me... ...more