Your Social Media Roadmap

Does your business need to use social media but you don't know how to get started? Are you using the tools, but not seeing the results you wanted? You're not alone. Social media can be very effective for small businesses, but, like all marketing, it requires a roadmap for success. And that's what this hands on workbook provides - practical steps you can take today to make social media marketing work for you. This book will help you learn how to navigate your way through social media by: *Setting goals *Choosing an audience and message * Listening to online conversations *Preparing for feedback *Choosing the correct tools *Implementing those tools *Promoting your efforts *Measuring your results. Each section offers clear information on what to do, examples from successful companies, and a worksheet to develop and execute your own plan. Author and founder of VillageWorks, Beth Schillaci, has spent more than a decade helping small businesses market themselves online. In this book she shares her secrets for creating proven social media marketing campaigns with you, providing a DIY version of her own framework that has created successful strategies for countless companies.