Detect, Treat and Kill-The 3-Step Termite Control Guide For The Homeowner: A Pest Control Guide To Help You Spot The Signs Of Termites So You Can Kill ... You Can Save Millions Of Money On Home Repair

Termite damage can cause billions of dollars in home repair every year. The average cost each year is estimated at $2.5 billion, but what’s worst is, most home insurers do not cover home repairs for termite damage. So, that’s dollars spent straight up from your own pocket. Imagine the financial and emotional strain this can cause the average American household especially in this difficult economic time. No wonder termites are called pests! Termites feed on wood most of the time but can also eat up paper stacks, books, insulation and any other part or things around the house that are rotting out. Termites populate abundantly during wet weather but they don’t go away during the summer months. That’s why the house needs to be termite-proofed before the wet season so that termites don’t get in. Once they get in and settle they can grow into colonies numbering in the hundred-thousands. Once a termite infestation happens it can be difficult to control and the damage to the house structure can become widespread very quickly. For total termite home protection, the homeowner needs to do 3 vital steps. The first, to detect the signs of termites within the home; the second, to apply the correct treatment to slow down the spread of existing termites and prevent the growth of new ones; the third, to kill the soldiers and queen and completely destroy the colony. Use the information in this book to guide you through the 3 steps needed for effective termite control.