Family Fun and Fitness

One of the most important jobs parents have is to pass healthy eating and exercise habits on to their children. But parents are up against some formidable adversaries conspiring to keep their kids (and too often themselves) from getting the physical activity and nutritious foods their bodies need. As a result, American children (and adults!) are getting fatter and unhealthier with each passing year. In Family Fun and Fitness, personal trainer and father Knute Keeling shows parents how to flex their creative muscles and start taking control of their family’s health. His approach to healthy eating and fitness, in this easy-to-use guide suited for moms-to-be and parents of infants through elementary school children, focuses on cultivating an early love of physical activity and wholesome, healthy foods. “Link being active and eating well with fun, loving family time and good parental example,” says Keeling, “and your kids will never want to stop making those healthy choices.” Keeling’s Fit Family Plan is packed with fun ways to make nutrient-dense whole foods and exercise a central positive aspect of family life. The plan focuses on the formative years when the stage for optimum nutrition and fitness is being set. At each stage, Keeling tells parents what foods and nutrients to promote and which to avoid, what age-appropriate activities to encourage and which to limit, and what roadblocks to expect and simple strategies to use for getting around them. For parents themselves, Keeling includes nutritional advice and easy, full-body workout routines (with photos) to help pregnant mothers, new moms, and busy parents stay fit and energized—and best of all teach their children by their own good example.