Head `Em Off At the Pass!: 94 Westerns You Should Watch

Following a foreword by Western legend Hugh O'Brian, Harrison delves into nearly one hundred motion pictures of the genre. He does not state these are the greatest, merely why a person interested in Westerns should watch these particular films. In doing so, he goes over the synopsis and cast, adding an analysis and history of each movie. Along the way, the reader meets Western stalwarts such as Gary Cooper, John Wayne, John Ford, Clint Eastwood and Sam Peckinpah, along with those who don't get as much notice: Glenn Ford, Joel McCrea, William S. Hart, Harry Carey, Walter Huston, Burt Kennedy, George Marshall, and scores of others involved in bringing the Western to the screen. With more than four hundred photos, 'Head `Em Off At the Pass!' is a treat for movie fans.