Perform at Your Best: By Getting Your Head in the Game

You don’t need to be the CEO, director, group leader, star athlete, most popular actor, or best student to be successful or fulfilled in life—you just need to become the best you. Perform at Your Best will show you how to become a better you now and achieve your best performances as part of your teams at work, school, sports, and in life. This book helps you realize that almost everything you do worthwhile is accomplished as an important member of your teams, and how you play as a team member is critical to team success (and yours). Each of the 13 chapters in this book take you through a journey of self-discovery where you will focus on the importance of teams, you, other people, getting your head in the game, your team positions, how to be a better team member, and taking control of your development and life. This book also includes insightful quotes; useful analogies; successful well-known and not so well known people, teams, and companies used as role models; and recommended, enjoyable books and movies that aid your development. Perform at Your Best helps you realize that your success centers around what you do with what you have based on who you want to be and your own unique goals.