Stuck On You

Texas Legacy Romantic Comedy Book 2
Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Sensuality Level: Warm

Talk about magnetic attraction!

Accident prone is one thing. But electromagnetic impairment, too? Whenever Diedra Palmer's emotions run high, light bulbs burn out, watches stop and appliances go berserk. Between the accidents and the way everything around her breaks or goes wild, she's a total jinx.

Can two polar opposites...
Alec Sparks works hard to maintain control. After his parents' divorce, he took on the responsibility for his clingy mother. Now he's an attorney and looks after his clients just as thoroughly. No wonder he doesn't want even more responsibility--and that's what Diedra would be. She's an accident waiting to happen, a disaster in every sense of the word. But when Alec must join forces with Diedra to help a couple in trouble, the nearly combustible magnetic attraction sends their senses soaring.

... ever become soul mates?
Diedra likes her men in neckties and starched collars, all the better for mussing. And Alec Sparks is the starchiest man she's ever met. Trouble is, he's made it clear she can't have him. While Alec and Diedra work together, can they fight the heated desire flaring between them?

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By Aimee (The United States) · ★★★★★ · July 25, 2011
Stuck on You was a great romance. I quickly got lost in the pages and was consumed with this unusual romantic comedy. I felt bad for Diedra and Alec, running around all over trying to locate the missing siblings who may or may not have killed each other, while trying to put off their growing feel... ...more
By Laura (Saugerties, NY) · ★★☆☆☆ · July 01, 2011
This book is basically good for a quick summer read if you have nothing else to do. The plot line doesn't make much sense and the whole "paranormal" part could disappear from the book completely without making a difference. The main characters are likable though, and the romance is believable, if... ...more