PMS Self Help: A Self-Help Book To Help You Deal With Your Premenstrual Symptoms With A Guide To Several Medication Cures For PMS And Natural Remedies ... Help You Get Fast And Lasting Relief For PMS

PMS, also known as premenstrual syndrome or premenstrual tension, is a set of physical and emotional symptoms that can occur before, during or after the menstrual cycle. It’s a girl thing. Only women can understand what the heck they go through during this monthly cycle. All the body aches and pains, all the irrational feelings and all the extreme emotional ups and downs that make men think we’ve gone completely crazy, only we women can relate to it all. PMS can be life-disruptive. Many women suffer severe physical symptoms that keep them incapacitated the entire cycle. Most become so unreasonable that they cannot be relied to make sound decisions during this time. PMS is considered a medical disorder that needs one or a mix of two or more treatment methods to alleviate the group of symptoms. There are many strong meds that can combat PMS aggressively. There are also plenty of alternative cures that work just as powerfully as the medications. This book will focus on the most common treatment methods so that you can find one or a combination that’s right for you. In addition, you get full coverage on the following: • What causes PMS? • How does medicine deal with PMS? • Herbal remedies for PMS Plus more details that you will find very beneficial to help you get fast and long-lasting relief for painful cramps, bloating, irritability, mood swings and all the PMS symptoms that can affect any menstruating woman of any age!