The Weapons Counter

This is a collection of science fiction short stories by Charles Morgan. They go some way to answer the following questions among many. If the only thing the weapons counter knows about in life is how to fill in forms, then how did he win the war? And Si Quam, the tramping bishop, just how on earth did he manage to invent gravity? Why did Aunt Grindle catapult the artillery officer into the Poi swamp? Then again, what is Marge Large Sargent doing with all that lard? Prr, sweet adorable Prr, who is treated so badly by Flt her employer, why was she so glad when she left her body behind on the fourteenth continuum, the very valuable body of a tigress at that. Just how cool does the Cool Dude turn out to be after his war kettle is hit by the enemy's viral impact cannon and everybody's DNA starts to mutate? And just how did Madame Lagreete win a major argument after posing a logic of such manic complexity that twelve enemy airships exploded spontaneously and crashed in flames. Not to forget Dennison's Dad, there's an odd father. Why would he come smashing through somebody else's reality and wreck his own son's empireal hopes?