Much Have I Travell'd

Mary McIntosh is now 91 years old, yet she writes with all the animation and verve of a twenty year old. In “Much Have I Travell'd” she remembers her many junkets all over the world and the adventures she enjoyed and the wonderful people she met. Try a sample and you'll find you want to read more. And your feet may start itching to get up and go see for yourself some of the wonderful sights Mary relates. You'll also yearn for those times gone by before so many others had made the trips Mary describes. In a slower and more innocent time she explored many cities and lands few Americans had yet visited. It's a wonderful read and a real inspiration to get up and get going! This book is also available as an E-book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Visit their web sites and sample it for free. If you do we know you'll buy one. While there you can also sample and buy “Mary's Diary, A Secret Journal of the 1930s' available in five E-book volumes - one volume for each year from 1935 through 1939. They are fascinating reading. Try one and you'll read them all. As publisher of the non-profit Preservation Foundation I'd like to inviteyou to visit us at and enjoy our WRITERS SHOWCASE dedicated to publishing and “preserving the extraordinary works of 'ordinary' people.” While there you can read some of our 1,000 plus stories, find out how to send some of your own for us to publish on line or as an E-book or paperback, or even enter one of your own stories in our annual General Nonfiction or Travel Nonfiction contests for previously commercially unpublished writers. And, by the way, if you enjoyed this book you will find more of Mary McIntosh's stories there as well. You are invited to join us. I hope to hear from you soon. Richard Loller The Preservation Foundation, Inc. [email protected] 615 889-2968