Cash Flow Now: How To Create Multiple Streams of Real Estate Income

There is no better day than today to start building your future. Everyone is feeling the economic pinch from the working class facing high unemployment, to the middle class watching their 401k accounts shrink and the upper class that is struggling earn a return that exceeds our inflation rate.

“Cash Flow Now offers a simple but powerful approach to generating real estate cash flow in today’s market. Author Jim Ingersoll does a great job showing how anyone can generate monthly cash flow from today’s real estate opportunities. I’ll be strongly recommending Cash Flow Now to our 70,000 Newsletter subscribers.”

J.P. Vaughan, J.D.
Publisher, Creative Real Estate Online

Financial security, before anything else, is of paramount importance. Cash flow, when secured by hard assets, is the basis for creating multiple streams of diversified income that leads to security, options and finally, financial freedom.

“The Dallas Mavericks owner is famous for his business advice and said, “sales cure all.” Another way to could be said is “Cash Flow Cures All.” If you don’t have cash flow, you have stress. This book is a must read for anyone looking to plan for the future and enjoy life more.”

Ron White – 2 Time USA Memory Champion -

Real estate has historically created more wealth than any other investment platform. This exchange or transfer of wealth has happened over and over again and most clearly during times of recession or depression. Understanding the dynamics at play in the current market and how to position one to leverage the voids in the market with low downside risk is the key to profits and wealth.

Creating new income streams with no need for cash, credit, or even a bank—or taking existing equity and utilizing it to create passive income streams with great returns—make real estate the optimum vehicle to capitalize on today’s opportunities. There are a number of options available for those willing to put in the effort. These include wheeling and dealing with foreclosures and distressed properties as well as wholesale and flipping houses. You can also be the landlord or create great returns with joint ventures or private lending — the income stream choices are varied and provide a great degree of flexibility and possibility.

“Cash Flow is the life blood of any business. Simply put, generating a healthy cash flow from you real estate investments not only allows you to quit your job, it also allows you the ability to live an enviable lifestyle. Jim Ingersoll does a wonderful job of showing you how you can do this for yourself and your family. A must read for every real estate investor or anybody contemplating getting into this fascinating and very profitable field.” – Scott Britton

Scott Britton, Realtor
“Creative Real Estate Solutions”

Ingersoll teaches the number of profit centers and income streams available when using real estate as an investment vehicle and stresses the need to view the depressed economy as an opportunity, a rare chance to increase your income potential and overall wealth. Full of sound strategies and methods for creating income and wealth for today as well as for your retirement and future generations, Cash Flow Now: How to Create Multiple Streams of Real Estate Income will put you on the road to financial freedom—today!