The Perfect Wedding

EVERYDAY MIRACLES A BRIDE AT LAST? Bridal consultant Layne Harrington had been planning other people's weddings forever. But never her own. Then rugged cowboy Rod Corley walked into her shop, looking like the answer to a prayer. Rod was captivated by Layne's beauty and goodness. Yet he could never ask her to share the burden he carried. He'd long ago lost his faith in the future -- his faith in everything. But Rod hadn't counted on Layne's strength and courageor on the healing power of a perfect love. Everyday Miracles: Each day brings new tests for young Reverend Charles and his congregation. But with faith, they find miracles everywhere -- even the miracle of love. Welcome to Love Inspired™ -- stories that will lift your spirits and gladden your heart. Meet men and women facing the challenges of today's world and learning important lessons about love, faith and love.

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By Michelle (Fayetteville, AR) · ★★★★★ · October 17, 2014
I was all set to give this book a one star. I felt the author concentrated too much on details and there wasn't enough dialogue. I still think so, but she certainly made up for it in the final chapter!!! I was laughing and crying as I read the climax of this wonderful book!!!

I too am currently p... ...more
By Cws (Conway Springs, KS) · January 08, 2009
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