Hop Variety Handbook: Learn More About Hops...Create Better Beer.

Why do hops give off the flavor and aroma that they do? "Because" is not the answer. They vary in Alpha Acids, Beta Acids, Myrcene and a host of other oils and acids. Where they are grown even matters. This book covers over 110 individual hops and breaks them down piece-by-piece so you can properly craft your next homebrew. It also gives you information on what to expect regarding flavor and aroma. The Author owns a brewpub and was constantly getting asked about the hops in his beer and how he got it to taste like that. After months of leafing through sales brochures, researching hop farmers, and experimenting himself, he puts all of that "hopped up" knowledge into one source - in an easy to access manner specifically for the homebrewer in all of us.

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By Jan (Oslo, 12, Norway) · ★★★★☆ · May 05, 2013
This book is not just an overview of hops, but also a brewers note of their use. Useful info! ...more
By Ross (Boston, MA) · ★★★★★ · January 11, 2013
A great resource for homebrewers! ...more