Simplify Social Media for Recruiting: A Step-by-Step Handbook for Implementing Social Media

Your business is only as great as your people. But how do you find the best people to get you there? Where are candidates hiding? The answer is simple: they're online. In Simplify Social Media for Recruiting, authors and human resource professionals Kathy Mulder-Williamson and Eileen M. Taylor explain how to leverage the most easy-to-use, powerful, inexpensive, and all-around best social networking tools to assist with recruiting. Designed for both the novice and experienced social media user, this step-by-step handbook provides information and instruction on technologies, policies, shortcuts, and tips to help you recruit, brand, and market through the social media formats of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Simplify Social Media for Recruiting shows you how to become a user of these time- and cost-effective major social networking sites to maximize their efficiency and efficacy. Through these simple directions and strategies, Mulder-Williamson and Taylor explain how social media can revolutionize your recruiting results and help you find the best people to fit your organization.