The Way We Are: Heroes, Scoundrels, and Oddballs from Twenty-five Years of Inside Edition

As Inside Edition celebrates its 25th anniversary, anchor Deborah Norville pulls the curtain back on the show’s operation, revealing its combination of stories that touch your heart, put you on the edge of your seat, and leave viewers convinced they must have made that up! Well—trust us, it’s all real.

Only Inside Edition would take you to both the runways of Miss America and Miss Piggy—the pageant for porcine contestants (and yes, we are talking real porkers). But we’ve also reported on parents who insisted on finding a cure for their ailing child, the man who doesn’t need limbs to show the rest of us how to reach great heights, and the heroism of everyday people on 9/11 and during natural disasters. The Way We Are is a sometimes side-splitting, occasionally heart-stopping, but always entertaining journey down memory lane. It’s a reminder of what fascinated us over the past two and a half decades, with a look at the stories that made

Inside Edition a success on day one—and through 8,150 episodes—and has kept it there ever since.