What Price Providence?

The true and fascinating story of the rise and fall of the second most powerful Mafia Boss in New England. The intertwined themes of underhandedness, criminal behavior, morality, honor, dedication to family and treachery weave a tale that is almost unbelievable; but 100% true! Readers will have difficulty discerning whose behavior is criminal, Gerard Ouimette's, the author, or the Government's. Uncovered here are the facts depicting our Federal Justice System at its absolute worst, contrasted against the author's stern warning to youngsters who are enamored with organized crime, to STAY AWAY. The author, growing up in the Federal Hill section of Providence, Rhode Island in a strict Catholic family, was exposed to an inadvertent boot camp style preparation for a life and career in the Mafia. The Federal Hill atmosphere in the 1950's and 1960's was a breeding ground for gangsters. Providence was the hub of New England's Mafia; and the treachery, violence and disloyalty that eventually tore it apart. This book tells the entire ugly truth, sparing no one. The author has spent over 45 years in prison, the victim of police, prosecutors and judge's corruption and fabrication of evidence and testimony, that has since all been disproven. Elizabeth DiCarlo, the author's first wife, now runs an AA class in Providence. Enrolled in the class was a retired City of Providence police detective. When asked "why did you frame Gerard?", he replied "It was the only way we could get him." This work is the most honest and entertaining story to ever come out of the annals of organized crime in the United States.