Writing to Publish: The Basic Foundations: Boot Camp for Christian Writers (Volume 1)

Boot Camp for Christian Writers with Denise George Writing-To-Publish: The Basic Foundations “How to Choose Your Reading Audience” In the first part of this book, I’ll show you how you can identify your chosen readers, examine their needs, and match them with the publishing book and magazine marketplace. “How to Write Clearly and Effectively to Your Chosen Audience” In the second part of this book, I’ll show you how to carefully craft your words and sentences so that they communicate clearly, effectively, and creatively to your chosen reader. BONUS! I have also included some exercises you can do at home to hone your writing skills in these areas. You can do them by yourself, or together with a writer-friend. You’ll also find pages to jot down your own thoughts and ideas as you read. Best wishes to you as you learn more about how to select and determine your readers, and how to write clearly and effectively to your chosen audience.