2018 A.D.: Searching for Freedom in America

[EXCERPT #1] The prairie grass bent to the wind. The great horses stood still, manes blowing. 'Big Jake' and 'Nell,' now that's about as vintage country as you can get. Dad calls out, and the enormous American Creams effortlessly haul the big farm wagon across the field and up the rise to the white farm house and barns. Why wasn't she in that wagon? Wonder what is?  [EXCERPT#2] Both reacted, the deputy quite visibly, to the sound of Shane pulling the slide back and cocking the Beretta. It was sharp and distinct in the clear chill of morning, in spite of the deputy's voice. Duane glanced carefully over his shoulder. She stood behind the front hood portion of the old Corolla. The dawn was lighting the sky and it draped a rose wash over her face revealing a beautiful, calm, yet on this occasion, cold stare. No gun was visible. He had seen that stare once before, in a motel room in Corbin, Kentucky. It did not alarm him. It wasn't evil. This was a beautifully Christian woman. He believed that. No, it wasn't evil; this was woman, wife, mother, protector. It was visceral, like (on a mountain in the Cherokee Forest) it had been for him. The poor deputy did not know what to do, how to react. It was as if he had forgotten his lines on stage.   [EXCERPT#3] In her small yet comfortable home near Charlottesville Diane stood startled, no stunned, after the female government agent shoved her against the wall. Yes, fear arose, and had to be fought back, for the first time in her life, real fear anyway. This was not the fear remembered from the ride near Grundy, when Shane pushed them and the horses, and she felt beyond her capabilities, her comfort zone. This was real fear. Everyone, even in the free America of the past, feared the government. It's in us, in the human genetics perhaps. Maybe it goes back through the ages to the very tribal beginnings. One fears the authority of the leadership that can change your life on a whim, or a medicine man's dream, or cast of the bones, or just bull shit. Maybe it's deeper yet. Maybe it is a fear of control that is rooted in evil. Maybe, because God grants free will but also encourages good citizenship, perhaps Satan sees an ever present opening into our lives, a legal legitimate passage for infiltration, a door labeled "government."  [DESCRIPTION] This novel describes the adventures of freedom-loving, ordinary individuals trying to survive in (and flee from) a socialist/fascist America of the future. The story involves some people dealing with life under these totalitarian conditions, while others have decided to remove themselves from that same environment. The futuristic (but not science-fiction) story presupposes a totalitarian national government (with both fascist and socialist elements) and state governments that are resisting the national leadership by following more traditional American and free-market practices and policies. The villain of the story is impending growth of totalitarianism and its agents. This is not a political book and it does not go deeply into a future government's structure or the supposed business world of that time. The characters are Christian people of faith, but this is not a religious book. The Christian characters in it have flaws and occasionally curse. A lot is covered in a small book without it being forced. Faith, the concept of self defense, sacrifice, love, patriotism, self discipline, and political philosophies, all are observed across the span of America from Appalachia to the Great Plains, as this is a song about both Americans and their beloved land.