Being Serviced by the Best

#Black Cock Whore, Trisha and her husband Mike are heading out to a new and exciting party again in this follow-up story to BEING SERVICED.
A mysterious email arrives one day with sketchy details for a weekend in Las Vegas as guests of an exclusive group of famous black athletes.  The white husbands come and offer their white wife to be serviced. At this annual event, every part is done following a strict ritual. 
The group of high profile black athletesare staging a best of breed (black cock whores) party. Only the best-married black cock whores are offered an invitation; the husband has to be willing to come with his white wife and graciously present her to the famous black bothers. Before being asked, all of the couples are investigated and then have an interview with one of the black athletic stars. Trish is on pins and needles, she wants to go so badly. Trisha and Mike must first qualify to be invited and even if selected, participation is not guaranteed.
This is a hard-core story about interracial sex with a few twist and turns thrown in just to keep things interesting. Husband Mike has a few issues this time around as well. However, do not be concerned, the party continues without him. The weekend ends with an orgy covered in graphic detail from Mike's unique point of view.
If you liked Being Serviced, you will love Being Serviced by the Best.  Note: This story is self-contained; you do not need to read the prequel first but they are better together. 
Check out Being Serviced by All of Them to see what happens to Mike and Trisha next.  You won't believe what you read!
Content Warning: It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

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By Jody (The United States) · ★★★★★ · November 09, 2014
This is another adventure for Mike and Trisha and as in the first hot story about this couple, Trish need big black cock and Mike, her loving husband, does everything he can to get her what she needs, as she is Being Serviced by the Best.

This adventure is a steamy hot fantasy story about a group... ...more