Fast and Healthy Weight Loss: What and How to Eat to Lose Weight? Healthy Diet Meal Plans- The 14 Day Diet (Volume 1)

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Jennifer Tracy, best-selling author proves you can become a "New You" in her
new book, Fast and Healthy Weight Loss: What and How to Eat to Lose Weight.
She explains why;

"Being overweight isn't actually your fault; staying overweight is. You were
using bad information or a bad program."

Jennifer Tracy shares her revolutionary program, showing readers the best ways
to drop pounds and inches fast,

* It DOESN'T MATTER what age you are at,
* It DOESN'T MATTER how many times you've failed to lose weight,
* It DOESN'T MATTER if you have stubborn fat deposits around your belly
that won't go away,

* It DOESN'T MATTER if you have an extremely slow metabolism,
* It DOESN'T MATTER if you have the worse genetics in the world...

Without exhausting workouts or boring cardio, and keep them off permanently.
Her revolutionary method assists a complete nutritional makeover and super easy
exercises to:

* Boost your metabolism,
* Skyrocket fat burning,
* Turn heads everywhere you go...

These exercises are scientifically proven to work for all kinds of women (and
men), with all kinds of body types and metabolisms.

* Go at your own pace (100% safe.) And best part of this is that you can
do these exercises without any gym and without any expensive equipment.

Jennifer Tracy also reveals:

* 10 Healthy foods that are secretly making you fat...
* 5 Diet foods you should stay away from...
* One small diet trick that helps you to lose up to 30 lbs. a year...

You never have to starve with her revolutionary system:

* With this system you will be able to eat all your favorite foods and
still lose weight. This is not only possible but also necessary.

* In fact, you are encouraged to eat from a variety of foods you love. At the
same time you will lose weight. You will feel great about yourself and in no
time you will look great as well. That is the experience of countless people who
have followed this program.
* Once you realize how this method works and how easy it is, you will wish
that you had learned these years ago.

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Jenny's New Calorie, Carb and Fat Counter is full of information which
you will use daily as you consider making decision on which foods to eat.
Simply look for the ones that specifically fit your requirements.

* Full of useful and detailed information for you to make right food

* Easy to use Reference in PDF format
* Easily and fully searchable
* Print any page as you want
The Book contents are sorted three different ways to make it super easy
for your usage:

* Alphabetically (by food names)
* By Carbohydrate content
* By Fat Gram content
Plus protein, cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fat counters.

This Bonus Book is as PDF file and it is fully searchable. You
can use the "search" feature to find any item quickly and easily.