You Always Want What You Cannot Have

Brilliant book with love, lust and deceit. The author captivates you into questions with matters of heart, with matters of the soul and who's right or wrong and to whom should be loved. Beck Johnson is an entrepreneur working on a business plan that will make him one of the wealthiest young men in the nation. He's living the great life in New Orleans with the love of his life-his soul mate and best friend Ashlyn-until one fateful day, when all he holds dear in the world is turned upside down by lust, lies, and deceit. Does a broken heart really mend over time? Does distance make the heart grow fonder? Can you truly forgive when trust is broken, or when your heart is broken by the one you love? These are some of the questions the star-crossed lovers face in You Always Want What You Cannot Have, a passionate novel about matters of the heart.