17 Things That You Should or Should Not Do in the Bridge Game

17 Things That You Should Or Should Not Do In The Bridge Game Bridge is a Partnership Card Game and the fundamentals of play are here and if you follow and apply them, you will be hooked on the joy of winning in the Bridge Game. This book can be your key to a lifetime of pleasure, and sometimes pain, in bridge no matter how and where you chose to play, be it Social Club in homes, Local Club and Tournament play of bridge sponsored by the American Contract Bridge League at your Local Club, Sectional, Regional and National Tournaments and perhaps the World. It is all here - how the game is structured, how to establish partnerships, how to meet new friend and find the groups that are currently playing (locally and worldwide). Enjoy the contents. You will not be disappointed. You will find enclosed: Over 42 described Bridge Conventions used by better players. 99 Tables showing the full hands held by the Offense and Defense, and descriptions of proper play to make the contract or for the defense to set the contract. Over 95 recognized Strategies of good play. Near 100 descriptions of hands and best methods of successful play. Loyd's Lessons - How, what and why you take certain actions. Over 230 pages to enjoy.