Fritz Schmidt was raised by a wealthy grandfather and depressed mother. From elementary school to the loss of his only relatives to abusive situations throughout his childhood and adolescence, he withstood the agonies life presented and reveled in fleeting moments of joy. Tragedy and depression became his only companions. Adulthood presented the young heir with a modicum of stability, and with a fortune at his disposal, he began his advanced education while attempting to excoriate the demons of the past. His life was spent joylessly but he survived. At the same time Schmidt was involved in academia, a series of brutal murders in cities across the country transfixed the nation. From the West Coast to Pittsburgh, corpses with broken necks and missing forefingers fascinated the nation while fueling the hatred of law enforcement personnel. An insatiable media dubbed the elusive murderer 'Fingers'. As the body count increased, a federal agent skilled in the art of criminal profiling was assigned to capture the notorious 'Fingers'. With a handpicked force of select detectives, they scoured the continent hoping to nab the murdered before he could strike again. Placing his own life in jeopardy, the head of the federal task force zeroed in on 'Fingers'. Using skills developed under the tutelage of federal profiler Bud Weber, the task force finally nabbed the homicidal maniac. He was identified as Fritz Schmidt. Now it was up to the judicial system to dispense justice. An ambitious district attorney and devious trial judge were assigned the dubious honor of convicting ‘Fingers’, a man they positively believed to be Fritz Schmidt. Would they succeed or would Schmidt avoid the ultimate punishment? And were they prosecuting the right man? Only two skilled criminal defense attorneys who believed in Schmidt’s innocence stood in their way as the trial of the millennium captivated the public. Who would prevail?