Mommy, What's That?

Every mother wishes for her child to make a difference in the world. With this inspirational new children’s book, mothers everywhere will have a medium to express this noble wish while teaching their children about common body parts. Using the phrase “Mommy, what’s that?” that every mother has heard countless times, Tera F. Howard, MD, links the answer to a bigger dream that mothers have for their children. Combining goals and affirmations to twelve common body parts, the book helps to teach children the basic parts of the human body while inspiring them to use each part in positive way. A feel-good and educational book, this wonderful little story is the perfect read for children and mothers everywhere. Tera is a resident physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology in Chicago. Having delivered hundreds of babies, she has witnessed the undeniable and instantaneous love that a mother has for her child. A devoted wife and mother, Tera has also experienced the special bond between mother and child firsthand. Like all mothers, there is nothing more she wants for her child than to dream big and make a difference in the world.