Improve Your Wellness Quotient in 28 Days: A 4 Week Wellness Program

This book provides a list of simple, easy to follow health and wellness tips that are intended to nudge you towards the path of improving your health and wellness. You do not need to invest any time or money in order to follow these tips. These are not things that you did not know about already. But this book would give you a structured reminder for you to consciously practice what may be on your mind but may not have been acted upon. Acting on each wellness tip helps you take a baby step in achieving overall better wellness. This book is intended to be a tool that helps ensure that the actionable and measurable little things in life that matter the most, are done on a daily basis or whenever possible. It is recommended that the tips are acted upon continuously. Making the adoption of each wellness enabler as a daily practice would be very helpful too. The score cards included help to track the wellness quotient systematically for those who want to make a difference and improve their wellness. Take charge of enhancing your wellness today.