The Formation of Wood in Forest Trees

The Formation of Wood in Forest Trees covers the proceedings of the second symposium held under the auspices of the Maria Moors Cabot Foundation for Botanical Research, conducted in Harvard Forest in Petersham, Massachusetts on April 15-19, 1963. The book focuses on the aspects of tree growth, such as the chemistry and submicroscopic morphology of wood and the effects of the environment on growth. The selection first offers information on the evolution of cambium in geologic time; a model for cell production by the cambium of conifers; and structure and development of the bark in dicotyledons. The text then ponders on the aspects of ultrastructure of phloem, stem structure in arborescent monocotyledons, and structure and formation of the cell wall in xylem. The publication takes a look at the general chemistry of cell walls and distribution of the chemical constituents across the walls and ultraviolet and fluorescence optics of lignified cell walls. The text also examines the role of endogenous hormones in cambial activity and xylem differentiation; indirect effects of environment on wood formation; and influence of external pressure on the differentiation of cells and tissues cultured in vitro. The selection is a dependable reference for readers interested in the formation of wood in forest trees.