Give: 16 Giving Strategies To Grow Your Business, Increase Sales and Network More Effectively

Who Was This Book Written For? This book was written for small business owners and entrepreneurs searching for new ways to grow a business. Whether you are running a start up, home based or established business, I guarantee you that you will pick up at least 10 great ideas you have not found in any other business book about how to market, sell and grow your business. How Is This Book Different? Most of the business books you will find on growing a business, focus on getting more clients, getting into profit and ways to increase sales by effective marketing and sales techniques, they are all about get, get, get. Not this one! This book is packed with 190 pages of simple, practical tips and sales techniques which all centred around the idea of giving. I have also included lots of free resources and tools for you. Imagine being able to focus on helping others and never have to go searching for business again. If you apply the giving strategies in this book, you will attract new clients, generate more business from existing clients and become a magnet for new business. If any of the following sound like you, then you will love this book: - If you hate cold-calling & direct selling to get new clients - If you have a very limited budget for sales and marketing - If you never seem to have the time to do everything you need to - If your business is not growing as fast as you know it could - If you already like helping other people, it's just part of who you are Sound familiar, then this book is definitely for you. Giving as a way of doing business is low cost, easy to do and delivers great results. What Will You Learn In This Book? - How to set goals that focus your business on giving activities - How to give online using LinkedIn - How to say thank you by giving gratitude - How to hold giving meetings where your focus is on the other person - Time Management tips by giving yourself the gift of time - Staff retention strategies, how to retain your best team members - Employee engagement tips by giving staff happiness - How to delegate by giving responsibility to others or outsourcing - How your business can give back with ideas on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - How to give referrals through effective word of mouth marketing strategies - How to build better relationships that turn into business - How to give great testimonials that grow your business too - How to increase sales for your business and win new clients This book is about to re-shape your thinking when it comes to goal-setting, relationship building, networking and your sales pipeline. This book was written for you if you want new ideas and a solid foundation for action and results. At the end of each chapter there are simple actions for you which are easy to implement. If you really want to achieve success then this book is for you. If you are fed up with the same old information about how to grow your business, then I am excited that you are about to buy this book. Buy this book to gain access great ideas, useful free downloads, fantastic resources and more! I have included everything I know about this subject having spent the last 10 years giving, which has resulted in sales into the millions for my own businesses. How Else Does This Book Give? By purchasing this book you are helping children around the world to secure a future, as half of all profits will go to a Foundation that gives access to education to children who really need it, you'll learn more about this in Chapter 15. Become A Givingpreneur The topics I cover in this book will help you to become one of the many ‘Givingpreneurs’ across the globe who are achieving amazing results by focusing on giving as a way of doing business. Join them in a journey to greater success, more profits and a happier you!