7500 Easy Scramblex Puzzles To Improve Your IQ

As indicated on the cover, this book contains seventy-five hundred easy - short, grade school level - Scramblex puzzles. Medium & hard Scramblex puzzle books are also available. Scramblex puzzles are unscrambling word games. All the letters in a word are given, but out of order in ABC sorting. The goal is to unscramble the letters and find the hidden word. Each Scramblex in this book contains five to ten letters. There are twenty puzzles on each page with the answers in reverse order at the bottom of the page. Overall Benefits of Solving Word Puzzles Improved Effective IQ The title indicates that these Scramblex puzzles are designed "To Improve Your IQ." Intelligence Quotient - IQ - is a scientific assessment of your intelligence. Your IQ is determined by measuring your problem solving abilities, memory, general knowledge, and spatial imagery. The average God-given IQ of an adult is 150. It cannot be increased by medical science, because of the microbiology of the brain. It can, however, be improved. The average effective (day-to-day) IQ is only 100-110, mostly due to neglect - lack of brain exercises. Therefore, if you exercise your brain, you can increase your effective IQ. Word puzzles, such as Scramblex, provide the necessary mental activity. Mental Exercise Word puzzles help expand vocabulary, strengthen word recall, and improve memory. You do not realize while you are working puzzles that you are using thinking skills. Your brain learns new skills and acquires knowledge throughout your life. Mastering puzzle-solving skills improves your thinking. Scramblex puzzles will improve your focus and attention. When you are working on a puzzle, you need an environment that is relatively free of distractions. Puzzle solving is a solitary activity. The concentrated attention you must give to the solution of a Scramblex is an excellent skill to develop which can help you in many areas of your life. Deduction is an important critical thinking skill. Scramblex puzzles provide you with an opportunity to learn organizational skill as you apply different solution methods. Practicing the process of elimination - seeking and finding possible answers, also requires deduction. Scramblex puzzles provide you with an activity that is not only fun, but also mentally challenging. Your brain needs regular playtime to form new patterns and complex neural networks naturally. Your mind requires nurturing just like your body. After all, exercise is not just about jumping jacks and free-weights. Both your body and your mind need stimulation and exercise. Puzzles are great for mind maintenance and mental stimulation. Benefits of Solving Scramblex Puzzles Language Learning Scramblex puzzles can increase vocabulary. There are always new words to learn as you stretch your mind unscrambling letters. Mental Stimulation According to the Alzheimer's Association, ". . . higher levels of education appear to be somewhat protected against Alzheimer's, possibly because brain cells and their connections are stronger." Scramblex puzzles can keep the brain alert and active. Distraction In an unpleasant situation, Scramblex puzzles can provide a necessary diversion, keeping one’s mind from worrying. That is why people in airports, doctor’s offices, and hospitals (both patients and visitors) can be seen working puzzles. Entertainment Scramblex puzzles are entertaining. You will find yourself lost in the scrambled words, searching for possibilities and challenging yourself to complete each puzzle faster than the last. How to Solve Scramblex Puzzles Your mind searches for patterns. When you encounter a Scramblex puzzle, your mind immediately begins trying to arrange the letters into familiar words. Remember to practice combination letter sounds to solve the words; this is faster than writing out the letters.